I am a Danish ceramic artist and craftswoman, currently undertaking my artistic research on Bornholm, an island in the Baltic Sea.

Under the name Zweifelsohne 7.0 I am mixing ceramic techniques and expressions into an own sculptural language of form. ​

As "Lis" I develop functional ceramic objects for everyday use, as well as decorative unique pieces.

CV – Lisbet Thorborg Andersen, b. 1990, Denmark


2016-2019: The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, Design and Conservation, KADK Bornholm. BA of Design, Program of Craft: Glass and Ceramics, Denmark

2011-2015: Bachelor of Sociology, Copenhagen University, Denmark


2020: Member of ACAB - Arts and Crafts Association Bornholm

2020: The "Project Network" program at Guldagergaard ICRC, Skælskør, Denmark

2019: Ceramicist in the production, Bornholm Ceramic Factory, Denmark

2018: Internship with Johannes Nagel, Halle, Germany

2018: Internship with Pernille Pontoppidan Pedersen, Silkeborg, Denmark

2018: Internship, Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center, Skælskør


2020: "Project Network" group exhibition at Guldagergaard ICRC, Skælskør, Denmark

2020: "Archeology of the Mind", Window 107, Copenhagen, Denmark

2019: "Afgang 19", BA graduation show at Art Museum Bornholm, A. Petersen Collection and Craft, Copenhagen, and CLAY Ceramic Museum, Middelfart, Denmark

2019: "Værker fra Bornholm", Skælskør Festival of Ceramics, Denmark

2019: Grønbechs Gård Spring Exhibition, Hasle, Bornholm, Denmark

2019: Bornholm Censored Spring Exhibition at Svanekegaarden, Bornholm, Denmark

2019: ”Ucensureret”, Nexø, Bornholm, Denmark

2018: Skælskør Festival of Ceramics, Denmark

2018: ”Skala, Rum og Krop” at Copenhagen School of Design, Denmark

2017: "Den udvidede funktion" at Grønbechs Gård, Bornholm

2017: ”Eksperiment, Materiale og Teknologi” at Copenhagen School of Design, Denmark


2020: Danish Arts Foundation

2019: Frøken Marie Månsons Grant